About The East End Social Club
Founded in 1914 - Organized in 1919 - Chartered 1924
    The organization was first named the Princeton Club and located above a market at 332 Bridge Street. The young members at that time were mostly mill and factory workers. The activities were social and athletic. They formed, Baseball, Basketball,  Football, and Track teams for competition against other clubs throughout the city.

    When our country entered World War I, the majority of members enlisted in the Armed Forces to serve their country. After the war in 1919 they regrouped and renamed the organization to the East End Social Club. As the membership grew, they decided to purchase an old mansion at 15 West Fourth Street. When renovation to the premises were completed, it consisted of a member's lounge, a library / reading room, and a billiard room with a regulation snooker table on the first floor. On the second floor was a hall that seated 125 people, with  a small stage and a piano. There was a adjoining room with two barber chairs and in the rear were two card rooms and kitchen. 

    During the years of the Great Depression, the club aided the needy and many families in need, not only the club members' families but also other families throughout the city. The club helped to keep the youth of the community off the streets under the WPA program as well as donating countless numbers of food baskets to the needy.
    When the great flood of 1936 hit the city, the club was used as shelter for many families who became flooded out of their homes. The club fed and housed these families until the end of the disaster.
   Then in 1941 came World War II . The majority of the members were wisked away to fight for their country and thereby bringing the club to a complete standstill until the war ended in 1945. 

    In 1946, club reorganization was on the minds of the members with the hope of either building or purchasing new club quarters. Since the only income was member's dues it was decided to take drastic measures and reduce the fire insurance on the building.

   Then in December of 1952, DISASTER!!! A fire struck the club and completely leveled the three-story mansion, not to be dismayed or discouraged, the members rented temporary quarters in a storefront on Lakeview Avenue. After countless meetings, it was decided to build a small building on the site of 15 West Fouth Street. The new building, which is where we are presently located, was completed in November of 1955. As the membership grew, so did the need for larger quarters. In 1970 thoughts of a addition to the club began circulating throughout the membership. Members were asked to buy bonds to raise the money for a down payment on the addition. The bonds were purchased and in 1971 the addition was completed.

    The accomplishments of the East End Social Club have continued to grow throughout the years, as a social, benevolent and charitable organization. For example, the E.E.C. started a drug education program and provided drug education materials for schools in Lowell & Dracut. The East End Social Club continues to provide help to any worthy case and keep the tradition for which it has been well documented as the #1 Social Club throughout the State of Massachusetts.

    The men's club was growing so rapidly that the men asked their wives and friends to help them with raising money for their building fund so they could have a bigger and better club. The Ladies Auxiliary was formed May 4,1960, beginning with 15 charter members.  The first years were spent having fund raising events and a membership drive for new members. Cake sales were held, also turkey raffle and spaghetti suppers ( all you eat for .50 a plate. ) 

     We now have a membership of over 100 members which supports many community organizations along with continuing to support the goals of the main organization and help insure the future of the East End Social Club.

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